Warranty Policy

All Crossfire Owners will receive lifetime free scheduled servicing. This benefit carries over to all of our authorized dealers in Nepal. It is recommended to service your motorcycle as per the maintenance schedule.
Validity of Warranty:

The warranty coverage of the motorcycle is only valid if the customer avails all free servicing coupons from authorized Crossfire Service Centers, as per the recommended servicing schedule. Use of genuine spare parts & lubricant is also a must.

For warranty benefits, please contact your nearest authorized Crossfire dealers. Authorized dealers will only replace or repair parts when:

  1. The customer visits their nearest authorized dealer immediately upon the occurrence of the defect in the motorcycle
  2. The customer provides the original owner’s handbook to claim a warranty of the affected motorcycle for verification of motorcycle and service details. If the owner’s manual is incomplete or tampered with, the warranty of the motorcycle will be void.
This warranty shall not be applicable to:
  1. Normal maintenance operations such as engine tune-up, decarbonizing, fuel system cleaning, wheels, brakes & clutch adjustment as well as any other normal adjustment
  2. Consumable (Wear & Tear) items such as brake shoes, fasteners, shims, washers, gaskets and rubber or plastic components, oil seals, cables, electrical wiring and electrical items like bulbs, filters, spark plugs, drive chain, sprocket, clutch plate, race bearing & element air cleaner and wheel rim misalignment or bend.
  3. Part(s) of the motorcycle that have been subjected to misuse, accident, negligent treatment or which have been used in conjunction with parts and equipment not manufactured or recommended for use.
  4. Use of non-genuine parts, non-genuine engine oil and lubricants
  5. Parts of motorcycle getting rusty due to atmospheric effects.
  6. Parts of motorcycle that have been altered and modified or replaced in unauthorized manner and which in the sole judgment affects its performance and reliability.
  7. Motorcycle that has not been serviced by authorized dealers as per the service schedule or which has not been operated or maintained in accordance with the instructions mentioned in this manual (esp. during engine break-in period.
  8. Motorcycle used for any competition or race and/or for attempting to set up any kind of record, we undertake no liability in the matter of any consequential loss or damage caused due to failure of the part(s).
  9. For motorcycles which have been used for any commercial purpose sush as renting/leasing, etc.
  10. For normal phenomenon like noise, vibration, oil seepage, which do not affect the performance of the motorcycle.For maintenance repairs required due to misuse while driving or due to adulteration of oil, petrol or due to bad road conditions.
  11. If any part of the vehicle is tampered/repaired by unauthorized person/workshop.
  12. For consumables like oil, grease, etc. used during free services or used during warranty repairs.
  13. If there is any damage due to modification or fitting of accessories other than the ones recommended by the manufacturer.
  14. For claims made for any consequential damage due to any previous malfunction that has been addressed by the company.
  15. If there is any damage caused due to usage of improper oil/grease or non-genuine parts.
  16. This warranty does not cover the risks like accidents, lightning, water, fire or other acts of god, improper handling or any external cause beyond the control of the company.

Crossfire motorcycles are manufactured by following the best quality practices in respect of the material and workmanship. Crossfire warrants its motorcycle to be free from manufacturing and material defect under normal use subject to the following conditions:

  1. Crossfire will replace or repair defective part(s) at their dealerships and authorized service cetners, free of charge within a period of 12 months or 11,500 kms from the date of sale, whichever comes earlier.
  2. The warranty is only applicable to the first registered owner.
  3. The warranty shall be applicable only if all the free services are availed in the respective period/kilometer ranges as per the schedule in the owner’s manual from authorized dealer or service center.
  4. During the warranty period, Crossfire’s obligation shall be limited to repairing/replacing part(s) of the motorcycle for free, only if the part(s), on examination is deemed to have a manufacturing defect. Defective part(s) which have been replaced will become the sole property of Crossfire.
  5. Cost of oil, oil filters and fuel are chargeable to the customer.
  6. Crossfire reserves the right to finally decide on all warranty claims.
  7. Crossfire reserves the right to make changes in the design of the motorcycle without any obligation to install these changes on previously supplied motorcycles.

This warranty is the entire written agreement given for the motorcycle and no other person, including the authorized dealer or their agent or employee is authorized to extend or enlrage the terms of this warranty. If you have any questions regarding any of the terms mentioned above please write to us at info@crossfirenepal.com.