Classic Wheels Export and Import is the sole authorized distributor for Crossfire motorcycles and ItalicaMoto in Nepal, accelerating with a vision of bringing progressive change and innovation to it’s off-road and enduro motorcycling.

The Beginning - where it all started

In 2013, a group of young enthusiasts partnered up with generous ideas and knowledge to change the perception of young Nepalese riders about Enduro Motorbikes. And there, Classic Wheels was introduced to Nepal.

Crossfire entered Nepal with the introduction of Crossfire XZ250RR in 2013, a motorcycle based on 4 years worth of research on the motocross track, aiming to not only simply build a fine motocross bike but to challenge the finest in its segment.

In 2014, Crossfire expanded its dealership to Pokhara, the first showroom outside the Capital, pursuing to reach all across the nation.

By 2015, when the crossfire XZ250RR had won two seasons of Racemandu back to back, the newer model XZ450 RR also managed to match up to and even exceed the benchmark set by its smaller sibling.

In 2016, Crossfire had already started getting things rolling in no time. Crossmandu National Championship 2016 – Nepal’s first motocross championship powered by Crossfire Nepal, took place successfully on August 6 at Tinkune, Kathmandu. This three-stage race saw almost 45 off-road dirt bike riders competing on a 550m off-road track under the supervision of trained marshalls. Crossfire Nepal also began expanding it’s dealerships across the nation with 8 dealers all over Nepal by the same year.

In 2017, Crossfire Nepal conducted an unforgettable ride to Manang with the fellow Crossfire Riders. In the same year, RM250 – TheMeanMachine was introduced to Nepal, which is now a popular name among dirt bike enthusiasts in Nepal.

2018 counts as a significant year for Crossfire Nepal as they established the New 3S (Sales, Spares, Service) Showroom at Chakrapath, Kathmandu. In 2019, the new beast Crossfire GR7250 was introduced to Nepal. GR7 established itself as the most affordable motorcycle in its segment compared to its price and reliability. The international editions of the GR7 are distributed in the market as GPX. After the success of GR7250, Crossfire Nepal decided to shake again with the launching Crossfire NC250. This was the new and upgraded version of the previous Crossfire XZ250RR.

HJ250 was brought to Nepal in 2020 with a compact engine structure making it the most durable among it’s segment. In the same year, Crossfire called for an Adventure Ride to Jiri, and went through some beaten paths and the tough trails which led to unfolding the greatest Adventures!

The Ascent - where we rose

The Ascent – where we rose Keeping alive its initial vision, Crossfire Nepal has been offering affordable motorbikes in this segment, with the branding License acquired from Crossfire Australia. With a head office located in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Classic Wheels has evolved into becoming Nepal’s leading brand in the dirt and enduro motorbikes segment. It proudly incorporates Crossfire, ItalicaMoto, Ace British, Acerbis, and Timsun at present.

The Persistence - where we continue to go and grow

Crossfire has now established a wide array of powerful Enduro/Dual sport motorcycles along with considerable Power, Price, Reliability, and Performance. But more eminently, it has established a culture where we celebrate the passion for riding; where a lifestyle is reflected in every ride that you take with Crossfire.

Crossfire has since introduced 4 models of motorcycles. The Crossfire RM 250 – Race Edition is made for the tracks and trails, the Crossfire HJ 250 for the streets and trails, and Crossfire GR7 250 for the wildest offroad and comfort and Tracker250 is made for serving both the offroad and everyday demands.

International Affiliation

Classic Wheels Export & Import (importer of Crossfire branded motorcycles) is the official international dealer of Crossfire Motorcycles Australia.

Crossfire motorcycles are manufactured in China to meet Nepal’s automotive off-road standards and regulations since it varies a lot from Australia’s. This leads to a difference in product models between the two countries.

  • 2013 Crossfire entered Nepal with the introduction of Crossfire XZ250RR.
  • 2014 Dealership expanded to Pokhara.
  • 2015 XZ250RR had won two seasons of Racemandu back to back.
  • 2016 'Crossmandu National Championship 2016', Nepal's first motocross championship powered by Crossfire Nepal, took place successfully.
  • 2017 An unforgettable ride to Manang RM250 - TheMeanMachine was introduced to Nepal.
  • 2018 Established the New 3S (Sales, Spares, Service) Showroom at Chakrapath.
  • 2019 Crossfire GR7250 and Crossfire NC250 was launched.
  • 2020 HJ 250 and Tracker 250 was launched.